Prevention & Education
The Fire Prevention Bureau is ultimately responsible for providing a fire-safe environment for the citizens of the St George Fire Protection District. The bureau pursues this goal through several key responsibilities:
Annual Inspections are performed by the St. George Fire Protection District to assess and mitigate potential fire and life safety hazards in our response district. These inspections vary in type and frequency, depending on the occupancy type and use.
Occupancy Inspections are required for all new occupancies and major remodels. The purpose of the occupancy inspection is to ensurse compliance to life and safety codes prior to utilitiy activation.
The Fire Prevention Bureau is responsible for investigating the cause of fires within the St George Fire Protection District. Fire investigations often divide into two separate parts:
  1. Determining the cause of the fire.
  2. If the cause is arson, assist other local agencies in conducting a criminal investigation to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice.
The Fire Prevention Bureau's mission is to provide the people we serve with the most effective form of fire control: prevention.
To contact the Fire Prevention Bureau call 225-454-6588



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