The Operations Division, sometimes referred to as Suppression, is the emergency response arm of the St. George Fire Department. Its personnel are responsible for the control and extinguishment of fires, the provision of emergency medical and rescue services, as well as initial response and assessment of any environmental hazards.

St. George firefighters are equipped with modern trucks and equipment in order to provide effective and efficient services to our Citizens in keeping with the Department's Class 2 Fire Rating. The Department strives to meet or exceed response time and staffing standards as set forth by the National Fire Protection Association standards for career fire departments, which require a full alarm response within eight minutes of dispatch notification 90% of the time.

The Department currently operates eight engine companies and three ladder companies. These are housed in eight fire stations, geographically and demographically distributed throughout the St. George Fire Protection District. To achieve maximum response efficiency the Department is organized into a Northern and Southern District, each supervised by a District Chief housed in their respective area of responsibility.
They are under the command of an Assistant Fire Chief on duty, and ultimately the Chief of Operations and the Fire Chief. All personnel are trained in and adherent to the appropriate national emergency response and incident management protocols.

All St. George Firefighters are trained as Emergency Medical Technicians - Basic. This means they are fully trained to provide basic life support in an emergency. Since St. George does not transport patients, our goal is to stabilize the patient and make them ready for the arrival of East Baton Rouge Parish Emergency Medical Services for further care and transport to a hospital as needed.
The St. George Fire Department answers all calls in keeping with the general fire service credo of preserving life, property, and the environment.



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