Emergency Medical Services

The St. George Fire Protection District is dedicated to providing quality, timely, and professional emergency services for those we serve in our community.

The quality of patient care is driven by one main theme; treat everyone as if they are a family member.

St. George utilizes cross-trained firefighter/EMT-Basics to enhance the emergency medical services in our community. St. George uses a team approach to emergency medical care by operating our fire apparatus in a first responder role and to assist in providing patient care during the critical first minutes of an emergency until the arrival of advanced medical care.

Emergency medical services consist of providing medical assistance to those with general medical needs as well as traumatic injury. St. George responds to thousands of medical emergencies annually, ranging from motor vehicle accidents, childbirth, heart attacks, and sports injuries, to a variety of injuries that occur at home and in the work place.

All firefighters are trained to National Certification level of EMT Basic and licensed by the Louisiana Bureau of Emergency Medical Services. St. George maintains quality assurance of medical training and practical skill through continuing education that exceeds what is required at the National and State levels for Medical emergencies and Traumatic Injuries. Throughout the year, all personnel are trained and re-evaluated on critical skills and comprehension of protocol. The development of our classes comes directly from the quality assurance program and from nature of calls throughout the year.



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