Technical Rescue
Technical Rescue refers to those aspects of saving life or property that employ the use of tools and skills that exceed those normally reserved for fire fighting, medical emergency, and rescue.
St George Fire Protection District offers technical rescue response operations for High Angle Rope and Confined Space Rescue and Trench and Structural Collapse Rescue
High Angle Rope and Confined Space Rescue operations involve unique hazards and High Angle Roperequire special training and equipment to be able to perform them safely. Confined Space Rescue is a technical rescue operation that involves the rescue and recovery of victims trapped in a confined space or in a place only accessible through confined spaces, such as underground vaults, storage silos, storage tanks, or sewers. High Angle Rope Rescue can include high rise building, water tower, antenna tower and elevator rescue to name a few. While each rescue discipline has specific technical applications, they are often used simultaneously to affect a rescue in certain situations.

Trench Rescue Traing

Trench and Structural Collapse is a "multi-discipline” technical rescue operation that involves the location, rescue (extrication), and initial medical stabilization of victims trapped in confined spaces. Structural collapse is most often the cause of victims being trapped, but victims may also be trapped in transportation accidents, mines and collapsed trenches and excavation sites. These collapsed spaces have the potential to cause engulfment, or have an internal configuration that might cause entrapment or asphyxiation by inwardly converging walls. In addition to the hazards posed by the design of the space, work activities can also pose serious safety hazards (heat, noise, vapors, etc.) that must be taken into account when identifying safety measures that must be taken.

All responding team members are Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technicians that are able to provide immediate emergency medical care during rescue operations. Continuous training ensures that members are versed in the safest and most efficient rescue techniques available.



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