Fire Investigation
St. George Fire Investigators are dispatched to property fires to conduct follow-up investigations on fires when the following occurs:
  • Death or Fatal Fire 
  • Any Suspicious Fire
  • Any Fire where the "Cause and /or Origin" of the fire is unknown
Fire investigation, sometimes referred to as "cause and origin”, is the systematic analysis
of fire related indicators and the applied knowledge of basic fire science. One of the
challenging aspects of fire investigation is the complexity of the investigator's job in relation to fire behavior and materials located at the fire scene. Fires can be caused by or involve many common articles that can influence fire behavior. Fire investigators need to know not only the science of fire behavior, but also to have a working understanding of many different areas of study including building construction, electricity, human behavior, and the mechanics of vehicles.

To contact the Fire Prevention Bureau call 225-454-6588



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