Occupancy Permit Inspection
Occupancy permits for businesses in the St George Fire Protection District are issued by the Baton Rouge Department of Publics Works (DPW). St George receives the inspection request from DPW of the occupancy requiring an inspection and a fire inspector is assigned. The inspection will be completed in a timely manner. A written explanation of the deficiencies will be left at the occupancy the day of the inspection. All deficiencies will need to be corrected prior to approval by a St George fire inspector. The most common reasons for failure is an out of date fire extinguisher, sprinkler system, and/or  alarm system. 


Occupancy Checklist


DPW Inspections


To print a guide to help prepare for your occupancy inspection click on the St George logo.
Questions about the occupancy permit process click on the Baton Rouge DPW logo.
For questions on new construction or plan review click the State Fire Marshal logo.
To contact the Fire Prevention Bureau call 225-454-6588



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