Fire Prevention
The Fire Prevention Bureau's mission is to provide the people we serve with the most effective form of fire control: prevention.
Each year in the nation there are over 4,000 fire related deaths and billions of dollars lost as a result of fires. Prevention is the best way to mitigate or minimize the impact of fire and save lives. The fire which never occurs can claim no victims and cause no damage.
Three E's
  This is accomplished through the implementation of the    Three E's of effective Fire Prevention:




Education is regarded as the most important component of the Three E's. Educating the community in fire and life safety skills is a top priority. Public fire safety education provides the tools and knowledge necessary in developing a positive change in attitudes toward fire and life safety behaviors. A positive attitude fosters a proactive approach to fire safety and helps in preventing fire related injury and loss. In our home and work places fire safety education will give you the power to create a safer environment and save lives.

Engineering in fire prevention involves conducting plan review and pre-occupancy inspections of all proposed development, construction, and major building remodels in the District. This ensures that current codes are applied to and met in all new occupancies before construction begins. This saves time and money while ensuring all fire and life safety concerns have been addressed. The pre-occupancy inspections, during and after construct, ensures the proper installation and operation of all fire and life safety systems approved in the plan review process.

Enforcement encompasses the responsibility of the fire inspector to annually inspect existing businesses and properties for fire and life safety issues. Working with property and business owners, fire inspectors can assist in identifying and correcting fire and safety related issues to aid in preventing, controlling, and mitigating the effects of fires.

Members of the Fire Prevention Bureau also investigate the origin and cause of fires and fire related incidents in the District.
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