The St. George Fire Department maintains a very modern fleet of front line apparatus.  This fleet is backed by a modern reserve fleet, any of which can be placed into front line service in 30 minutes or less.  The fleet of response vehicles is supported by a number of specialized use vehicles and daily use SUV's and pickup trucks, each outfitted for its specific function.

Front Line Fire Engines - The St. George Fire Department operates eight engine companies.  Our fleet is among the most modern in the fire service, with six engines being 2007 year models and two being 2004 year model trucks. 
Front Line Ladder Trucks - The St. George Fire Department operates three ladder companies.  Each of our ladder trucks is designated as a Quint.  That means the apparatus is capable of delivering all five elements of firefighting:  aerial ladder, ground ladders, internal water tank, water pump, and fire hose. 
Tanker/Tender Trucks - St. George has two tanker trucks, also known in the fire service as water tenders.  These extend the firefighting capability of our units to fight fire in remote areas of the district or in wildland or off-road fire scenes. 
Reserve Fire Engines - St. George has a reserve engine fleet consisting of three engines.  Two of them are 2004 year models and one is a 2000 year model.  Trucks of this age would be front line vehicles in many departments.  These trucks are equipped and maintained to the level of being able to place a reserve unit into fully functional front line service in less than thirty minutes.
Reserve Ladder Truck - St. George maintains a ladder truck in reserve.  Like our front line ladders, the reserve unit is desiganted as a Quint; capable of delivering all the elements of firefighting to the scene.
Staff Vehicles - St. George operates a fleet of staff vehicles for the on-duty use of various chief officers who serve in command or staff poistions.
Support Vehicles - In addition to front line and reserve vehicles, St. George also has a number of specialized vehicles serving in support roles in various types of emergency response.



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