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St. George Fire Department Overview

The St. George Fire Protection District is an independent political subdivision of the State of Louisiana.  The purpose of the District is to provide for the fire, emergency medical, and other emergency response needs of the over 100,000 people living within its boundaries.  Those boundaries cover over 70 square miles and include the majority of East Baton Rouge Parish that is located south and east of the city limits of Baton Rouge. 

The St. George Fire Department is a career fire department with 170 employees.  We have a Class 2 Fire Rating.  The Department operates eight engine companies and three ladder companies out of eight fire stations.  This makes St. George one of the ten largest fire departments in Louisiana.

The District is supported solely by taxes and fees that the Citizens of the District have voted to impose upon themselves.  The District receives no general fund support from East Baton Rouge Parish, the City of Baton Rouge, or the State of Louisiana.  The District is governed by a five-member Board of Commissioners, whose members are appointed by the East Baton Rouge Parish Metropolitan Council.  Our Fire Chief, Gerard C. Tarleton, reports to this Board of Commissioners.

Our citizens reside in numerous well-established as well as rapidly developing suburban residential areas.  The District is also home to many major commercial, medical and governmental facilities.

 The St. George Fire Department began in 1966 as a non-profit corporation entitled "Village St. George Volunteer Fire Department and Social Club" when a group of neighbors banded together to provide protective services for their families, friends and neighbors who lived in what was then a largely rural area outside the city limits of Baton Rouge.   

Over the span of a few decades, the St. George Fire Department has grown with the area, due to the continued support of its Citizens.  In addition to emergency response, the Department provides a full array of services including inspections, public education programs, and a variety of community outreach activities.  The portion of East Baton Rouge Parish which it serves is one of the most economically vibrant areas of the State as well as a desirable place to live. 



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